Maritime Anti Piracy Support

We have created a specialist division to support Maritime security companies as it is becoming more and more difficult to “hand carry” support items and restricted items and ammunition, we are ideally placed to provide this service as we are Home office approved for transportation, possession and storage of prohibited weapons and we also have a full RFD and secure premises.

We have considerable experience and expertise in the movement of firearms and ammunition, we work with export licences on a daily basis and we have full customs integration and electronic entry presentation.
We can also attend Airports to facilitate export clearance for carried items.

We are on the “approved List” with many airlines for the transport of firearms and restricted items, we have identified approved routes to the Major destinations such as Muscat Oman Colombo (Sri-Lanka), Mombasa (Kenya) we canExpedite the process and reduce the waiting time compared to a normal freight forwarder(*subject to the correct documentation being available) who will not be able to transport items under Sect 5.

If you looking to ship firearms or you are shipping explosives or transporting firearms then Firearms Logistics Support are fully qualified in all areas of dangerous shipping.

We are SPIRE registered with BIS and receive ECO notices, we also have the latest information on the new OGEL for Anti-piracy.

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