Gun Exports: Shipping Explosives and Firearms Internationally

It can be difficult transporting firearms or explosives by Air or Ocean. We have approved tried and tested routes and carriers which we use on a daily basis, this avoids unnecessary delays with urgent time sensitive shipments such as Anti piracy and security shipments, we can provide a “one stop shop” for all the services required and we can receive and hold the goods at our warehouse unlike most companies than advertise that they are sect 5 approved, we have PHYSICAL section 5 Posession authority !

PBS is a Full IATA Member which means we are approved to conduct international freight exports, our staff are trained in all aspects of freight forwarding, at least two staff members have to be trained to handle and document dangerous goods, also full IATA membership means we have accounts will ALL airlines.
We are also a Full GTA member (Gun trade Association) which promotes trade between members and provides advice and support for the gun industry, we have full membership  of BIFA: British International Freight Assoc.